Why is the UK getting so many storms? Met Workplace explains as Franklin hits

Yellow, amber and even purple warnings had been in place throughout a lot of the UK and lots of areas are nonetheless coping with the aftermaths of collapsed bushes, flooding and harm to buildings.

However why have we been hit with so many storms currently?

The Met Workplace has the reply.

Why are we getting so many storms within the UK?

Talking on the Met Workplace podcast, meteorologist Alex Deakin stated we have to look excessive up within the environment to the jet stream to see why we’ve had such a stormy week.

The fast-moving river of air is at all times there in a single type or one other.

For lots of January the jet stream had been to the north of the nation which allowed for prime strain to take a seat near the UK. This explains why we had such a peaceful begin to 2022.

Nevertheless, two issues have occurred which have led us to this stormy week: the jet stream has moved additional south and it has grow to be energised.

Deakin explains additional that the jet stream has grow to be extremely energetic with winds of over 200 miles per hour in its core. This started monitoring low strain programs our manner, choosing up the lows and intensifying them.

A distinction in temperatures is what drives the jet stream, so when chilly air drives southward coming from the Arctic it meets the hotter air coming from the tropics it intensifies the jet and creates “troughs” within the jet stream.

It’s in these “troughs” {that a} breeding floor for intense low strain programs is created.

Deakin continued: “Dudley was taken by the jet stream and tracked north west all the way down to the North Sea. However with Storm Eunice, the jet steam has simply shifted that a lot additional south and develops extra of a kink in it.

“So Eunice is attacking from a special angle, arising from the south west. This is the reason completely different components of the UK are being affected in a different way by these two storms.”

Dudley tracked throughout Scotland; Eunice got here up from the south west.

Deakin confused that the jet stream would stay energetic as Storm Franklin would start making its manner.

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