Iranian Hulk threatens lawsuit as he rejects rumors he pulled out of fight — RT Sport News

Iranian Hulk threatens lawsuit as he rejects rumors he pulled out of fight — RT Sport News

The Iranian Hulk has denied suggestions he is to blame for his fight with Martyn Ford falling apart

The Iranian Hulk has hit back at suggestions that he withdrew from his scheduled fight against the ‘world’s scariest man’ Martyn Ford, instead saying that the Englishman is to blame for their April 30 showdown falling apart.

The two behemoths had been set to meet in the ring in London later this month but Ford released a statement to his social media profiles on Monday in which he heavily suggested that the Hulk – real name Sajad Gharibi – was to blame for the fight’s cancelation. 

This came after the two became engaged in a tense shoving match at a media event recently, after which Ford suggested that the Iranian Hulk’s social media infamy had been built on a foundation of photoshopped pics.

However, the giant Gharibi hit back on Tuesday with a social media message of his own – and said that if anyone is to blame for the fight not happening, it is the 6ft 6in heavily-tattooed Ford.

“Today I heard Ford doesn’t want to fight, it is not me [and] not any other fighters, he said, via translation.

“I never cancelled any fight between us but he doesn’t want see me again! It is against the contract and my legal team have started looking at it.

“Actually ‘pretty boy’ can’t ever fight, he just hides and runs away, he must have a permission from a woman first. I can’t believe an opponent like him, it’s shameful. This victory isn’t an honor for me, it’s a century joke not a century fight.

Ford, though, had previously handed Gharibi a route out of the fight when the Hulk announced online that he wished for death” and that he hadn’t engaged the services of a specialized coach in advance of their fight.

Then came the now infamous press event in Dubai where the Hulk was pushed to the ground by Ford – prompting Gharibi to later suggest on Iranian television that the incident had brought shame to his family.

Gharibi also lost his temper during a press conference, lashing out at a box of popcorn.

Ford, meanwhile, said that despite the cancelation of his bout with Gharibi he will fight at some point in the near future after saying that he had spent a great deal of time and money preparing himself for combat.

“I am still here and I am still training hard, but there will be a debut and there will be a fight. I am just not 100% sure who or when and why?” 

Some fans have suggested that Ford might be in line to fight Game of Thrones strongman Thor Bjornsson, who recently overcame rival Eddie Hall in the ring.

This comes after Ford had previously described Bjornsson as being “too soft” to compete in boxing prior to his victory against Hall last month. 

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