16-year-old wants to help Bolton people get rich like him

16-year-old wants to help Bolton people get rich like him

A 16-year-old entrepreneur wants to teach a group of people in Bolton how to reach dizzying heights like he did in three years.

At just 13, Nathan Jung turned his whole life around as a personal shopper with a business selling absolutely anything.

Most of his support and buyers came from Bolton, which is why the teen now wants to return the favour by mentoring people to follow in his footsteps and start a business of their own to reach similar success.

Nathan now has three businesses including working in NFT and crypto currency as well as marketing and his main business, Sourceland.

He said: “Originally, I started with a clothing brand.

“But it wasn’t going too well so I moved away from that and now I’m getting clients from all over the world.

“I only sold to friends and family in the beginning before I branched out.

“I think I’ve done well because I’m quick, so if someone wants something I’ve got it and it sells instantly.”

But when Covid hit, even Nathan’s businesses suffered but he managed to make it through and at the age of 16, has enough money to buy his own house and a car.

Nathan and his mum didn’t live a life of luxury before this as Nathan said:

“It was hard growing up, we weren’t able to do everything but my mum still worked really hard to get us what we needed.”

As he started his various businesses, Nathan has also started attending college to study law, engineering and business, but dropped out quickly to focus on his own projects.

He said: “Back then we had nothing.

“I lived a quiet life with my mum and three other siblings. I couldn’t ask for things because we didn’t have money for that.

“I want to buy a house when I’m allowed and now, I want to help people because Bolton has helped me so much because I have so many customers here and so many people support me.

“I love the community feel and how friendly everyone is.”

Nathan will respond to people who message him for help on his social media.

He said: “Anyone from Bolton can message me and we will start classes on how to do the things I did to get where I am today.”

Take a look at his Instagram @NathanJung20

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