Food waste tackled by uni friends sourcing imperfect produce from farms to sell to consumers

Meals waste tackled by uni buddies sourcing imperfect produce from farms to promote to shoppers

Do you know that Australia wastes $20 billion price of meals annually?

A big chunk of that’s in agriculture and post-harvest, based on the Division of Agriculture, Water and the Setting.

That is what buddies Josh Ball and Josh Brookes-Duncan from enterprise Farmers Choose try to assist cut back.

Two-legged carrots

The pair spend their days visiting farmers sourcing misshapen cherries or two-legged carrots to resell and educate shoppers on the misconceptions of edible produce.

Two young men wearing black t-shirts stand together smiling fresh produce on a bench.
Josh Ball and Josh Brookes-Duncan say 2.4 million tonnes of meals isn’t taken from farms.(Equipped: Josh Ball)

“Usually our visits are met with confusion, as a result of for many years so many growers throughout Australia have been advised what good is.

Mr Ball sources misshapen greens from about 50 farms across the nation, and so long as the produce is contemporary, he’ll promote it.

“By way of aesthetic and color, we do not actually have any standards,” he stated.

“And the response has been overwhelmingly constructive, often clients have a great chortle, when the carrot has three legs or the broccoli is admittedly small.

“It is all a little bit of enjoyable.”

A tomato with a growth poking out up the top.A tomato with a growth poking out up the top.
Greens are grown in all sizes and shapes. (Equipped: Josh Ball)

30pc not appropriate for bigger chains

Catherine Velisha, a farmer in Werribee South, on the outskirts of Melbourne, stated about 20 to 30 per cent of her vegetable crop will not be thought of appropriate for the bigger chains.

“The enter prices are all precisely the identical,” Ms Velisha stated.

“It is actually nice that customers additionally get to see that aside from its look, it is precisely the identical as what’s seen as a extra superior product.”

Two carrots twisted around each other.Two carrots twisted around each other.
Australia wastes $20 billion price of meals annually.(Equipped: Josh Ball)

Ms Velisha stated the blame additionally lay with the patron.

“If we, as shoppers, are leaving issues which can be a bit smaller behind … that clearly drives what the subsequent product introduced in seems like,” she stated.

“So we have got loads of energy as shoppers.

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