Letters to the Editor, April 6, 2022

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Flowers are placed on some of the many hurried gravesites throughout Ukraine and flowers are also placed along the long, fancy wooden tables in the safe and secure serenity of the peace talks, far from harm’s way in Istanbul, Turkey. Peace talks seem to always be held far from the action — why, because the participants don’t want their hair parted by a bullet or have a bomb lobbed in their laps. No, no, not me. With any peace talks from any war, the aggressor country’s negotiators should be forced to take part right in the middle of all the bullet-flying action. If that dream actually happened, wars would end quickly. After all, these long-winded, non-hurried aggressive whiners want to live, as we all do.

Don Ruttan

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(It’s common for the talks to be held in what is considered neutral territory)


I just got back from wintering in Florida and while I was there, the two questions I was asked the most were: How are things in communist Canada, and how does he keep getting elected? The first question I answered indignantly, of course, and proudly stated that we are still living in the best country in the world. As for the second question, does anyone know the answer?

Fred Mawhinney

(Canadians didn’t like the other choices in the last election. Let’s hope it’s a different outcome after the next one)


A heartfelt apology is a genuine and regretful acknowledgment of an offence or failure. An empty apology is a reluctant acknowledgement of an offence or failure, but only given for expeditious reasons. Too much time has passed, too many lies have been told, too much deception has occurred, too many lives have been ruined, too much pain has been endured, too many perverts have escaped accountability, and too much pressure has had to be brought to bear for any apology by Pope Francis to be considered anything but hollow, insincere and self-serving.

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Lloyd Atkins
Vernon, B.C.

(It shouldn’t have taken so long for this apology to come from the Pope)


Kudos to Lorrie Goldstein for stepping outside Trudeau’s media cheerleaders to speak truthfully about his very harmful carbon taxes (“The real costs of Trudeau’s carbon tax,” April 2). We are witnessing the Great Reset. This involves pushing climate change as the way to redistribute wealth from wealthy to poorer countries. Unfortunately, these members of the Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, including Trudeau-Singh, will destroy the economies and living standards of their citizens through their war on fossil fuels, via carbon taxes, by stubbornly pushing their green dreams. While this is happening, big carbon polluters like China and India simply refuse to cripple their economies, refusing to buy into this “green insanity” and even building more coal-fired plants. The end result is China and India will emerge as the wealthiest, most powerful countries, while those worshipping at the altar of climate change, like Trudeau-Singh, will see their economies in the dumper and their citizens’ standard of living plummeting!

Larry Comeau

(We don’t need to destroy our economy to do our part for the environment. Singh and Trudeau don’t seem to understand that)

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