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JEE Superior 2023: Revised syllabus launched for IIT entrance examination

JEE Superior 2023: The revised syllabus for Joint Entrance Examination Superior (JEE Superior) 2023 has been launched and the examination shall be performed accordingly. To test the revised syllabus of JEE Superior 2023, candidates can go to the official web site i.e jeeadv.ac.in.

The revised syllabus has been launched for all three sections — physics, chemistry and arithmetic. Candidates who’re aspiring to look for JEE Superior 2023 must adhere to the revised syllabus.

The revised physics syllabus contains matters similar to Newton’s legal guidelines of movement, inertial and uniformly accelerated frames of reference, static and dynamic friction, kinetic and potential vitality, work and energy, conservation of linear momentum and mechanical vitality. The syllabus additionally contains the legislation of gravitation, gravitational potential and subject, acceleration as a consequence of gravity, Kepler’s legislation, geostationary orbits, the movement of planets and satellites in round orbits and escape velocity.

The overall part within the chemistry syllabus contains the idea of atoms and molecules, Dalton’s atomic idea, mole idea, chemical formulae, balanced chemical equations, calculations (primarily based on mole idea and stoichiometry) involving widespread oxidation-reduction, neutralisation, and displacement reactions, focus when it comes to mole fraction, molarity, molality and normality.

The arithmetic part contains units, relations, and capabilities, algebra, differential calculus, integral calculus and vectors. It additionally contains matrices and chance.

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