Jake Wood Was Once a Warrior, Then a Nonprofit Leader. Now He's an Entrepreneur.

Jake Wooden Was As soon as a Warrior, Then a Nonprofit Chief. Now He is an Entrepreneur.

The primary firefight that I used to be ever in, about three or 4 weeks into my first tour in Iraq. That is 2007 throughout the surge. It’s the deadliest yr of the conflict, and we’re within the triangle of demise, proper in Anbar province. We’d been bombed, blown up on the roads a few occasions previous to this second. One among my squad mates was already killed in a roadside bomb. So we’ve seen some motion, however we haven’t been in like an actual knock-down, drag-out gunfight. And one morning we get ambushed. One among my buddies is shot by means of the throat early within the battle. And this huge gunfight ensues. There’s about 40 of us, and I don’t know the way lots of the unhealthy guys had been there.

I led Marines throughout an open discipline, 150 yards, machine gunfire hearth pouring in, as a result of we needed to reconnect with the remainder of the platoon and evacuate this casualty. How did any of us muster the braveness to do this?

It’s apparent that there was this love. No person hesitated for a second to run throughout the sector as a result of Nathan was bleeding out. However love isn’t really what instantly results in braveness. Love really creates this sense of security for every of us. The security was psychological and emotional.

Individuals at all times discover it bizarre to listen to a Marine speaking about psychological security as a result of it looks like such a type of a woke, liberal sentiment. However it’s actual. The 5 of us that had been operating throughout a discipline knew that if we obtained hit, there’d be 30 Marines lined as much as take their flip to expire and get us. We felt comparatively protected in that second. One of the best leaders create a way of security within the crew that they lead. And I feel that that’s actually what unlocks innovation and the drive to do extra.

How did Workforce Rubicon get began?

Oct. 24, 2009, was my final day of service. I instantly utilized to a handful of enterprise colleges. January comes round and I get a rejection letter from Stanford, which pisses me off. And a pair days later, the Haiti earthquake occurs. I felt inclined to do one thing, so we went to Haiti, and we thought that our expertise as army veterans would assist us to be efficient down there. We handled tons of, if not hundreds of sufferers. A few of them wouldn’t be alive at present if we hadn’t been there. It was simply postapocalyptic. However our army coaching made us very adept at navigating a post-disaster state of affairs. So we got here again and we simply didn’t cease.

You talked about love and the protection that it creates. What does that seem like inside a nonprofit group or an organization?

Empathy is core to main with love — understanding your folks and having compassion for who they’re, what they’ve skilled, what about their life has introduced them to that second in time once they’re following you and placing their monetary livelihoods in your fingers.

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