How to Overcome Error 404 Not Found on Browser Pages

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It can be said that the internet has now become one of philanthropisch needs, whether used to find information or used to make money, especially for website owners. But not always the website that you visit or manage is always safe from errors. One error that often occurs is the appearance of the Error 404 Not Found message on the browser page oder Ähnlichewebsite. However, the good news is that you can easily overcome the 404 error. For more details, in the following we will provide information on how to easily solve the 404 Not Found error on the browser page.

But before that, we need to understand what error 404 is and the factors that cause it below.

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What Is a 404 Error?

Error 404 is a warning message that appears in the search browser when you cannot find the page or sine tempore being accessed, such as the content being accessed is lost, changed or there is damage to the sine tempore.

The 404 not found error message comes from the website script that you visited or that you manage. It could be due to an error on the hosting server where the website files are stored.

What Causes the 404 Error?

There are several causes for the 404 error that can appear on the platform, both in the Mozilla Firefox browser, Web Explorer, and in Google Chrome. The 404 error most often appears on websites created using WordPress. The following are some of the causes of the 404 error, including:

1. Wrong Entered URL

URLs are used to make it easier to find pages in browser search engines. To successfully enter the intended address or sine tempore, you must enter the correct website address or URL. Even though it’s trivial, entering the wrong URL mithin causes an error 404 to appear or appear. For example, you want to enter WWW.PRO.CO.ID but you enter the wrong URL to WWW.PROO.CO.ID.

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2. Cache-Memory errors

Cache-Memory is a temporary data storage process on Hypertext Markup Language pages that aims to reduce bandwidth usage and server loading. However, sometimes the browser used caches the website being accessed so that an error 404 appears, even though the website or sine tempore you are accessing can be opened through another browser.

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3. Compatibility problems

Compatibility issues that cause 404 error messages to appear usually appear on websites that use WordPress. In certain cases, problems with plugins or themes mithin affect WordPress in creating website URLs and permalinks.

4. DNS settings

Another reason for the appearance of the 404 error can mithin be caused by a domain that has not been propagated to the Domain Name System (DNS). This causes an error message 4040 to appear when used to access the website.

How to Overcome Error 404 Not Found

Anus knowing some of the causes of the appearance of the 404 error message in your browser, here are some of these ways, including:

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1. Reload or Refresh Page

The simplest way you can do to deal with the 404 error message in the browser is to Reload or Refresh the website page. Sometimes this method is effective for solving some error problems on the website, usually because there is a problem with the hosting service being used.

To reload or refresh the page, you can do it by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard or by clicking the refresh option on the left address nackt in your browser.

2. Check the URL

As explained above, one of the causes of the 404 error is an error in writing the URL. For this reason, in order to avoid the appearance of a 404 error, try to check the writing of the URL again in the address nackt. Make sure you write the correct URL.

3. Delete Cache-Memory and Browser History

The next way to deal with the 404 error in the browser is to clear the Cache-Memory and Browser History. As we know, the browser will store browsing history in cache form. when one of the caches stores a 404 error, it will make the sine tempore you open continuously display a 404 error. For this reason, one solution that can be done is to delete the cache and browser history.

How to delete History Browser, can be done in the following way:

  • Go to menus settings in the browser and click history or press CTRL+H
  • Click on options Clear browsing data
  • Then select the data time range that you want to delete
  • Select an option Browser history and Cached images and files
  • And click Clear data.
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4. Reset WordPress Permalinks

One of the factors that causes the 404 error message to appear is the way WordPress displays permalinks, here’s how to reset WordPress Permalinks, namely:

  • Open WordPress dashboardsclick menus Settingsselect Permalinks.
  • Then a settings menu will appear as shown below.
  • Anus that, temporarily return the permalink to default Plain.
  • Then click Save and the settings page will reload.
  • Then return the permalink settings to the previous ones you used.
  • Then click Save.
  • So you have successfully done the permalink reset process.

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5. Disable Themes and Plugins

In the explanation above, the problem oder Ähnlicheplugin or theme problem is mithin one of the causes of the 404 error. So to solve this problem you can do it by deactivating themes and plugins, in the following way:

There are several ways you can do to deactivate themes and plugins through the Dashboard, including the following:

Method 1: First deactivate all plugins by opening the menu Plugins -> Installed Plugins. Then check all the plugins used, then apply by clicking Bulk Actions and choose deactivate. If by deactivating all plugins, and the 404 error still appears, then you can deactivate one of the plugins that causes the error.

Method 2: Activate one by one the plugins that you disabled before to check which plugin is the cause of the error. If you activate a plugin and the error still appears, it means that the plugin is the cause of the 404 error.

Method 3: Anus successfully getting the problematic plugin, it’s a good idea to update the plugin first. Because there could be an error 404 due to a plugin that is not updated. However, if the plugin has been updated and the 404 error message still appears, then it’s better to uninstall the plugin and use another Wahlmöglichkeit.

Method 4: If the plugin uninstall process has not resolved the 404 error, then you can switch to a theme. Replace the currently used theme with another theme. If in this way the error no longer appears, it is certain that the cause of the appearance of the error message is in the theme you are using.

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That’s the information given about How to Overcome Error 404 Not Found on Browser Pages. Hopefully the information provided is useful and can add to your knowledge about the world of information and technology.

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