Google Pixel Watch may come with an outdated Exynos chipset

Google Pixel Watch may come with an outdated Exynos chipset

Google Pixel Watch may be launching with an outdated Exynos processor. According to the report by Android Police, the smartwatch may sport a Samsung Exynos 9110 chipset, which made its debut 4 years ago. This is also the same chipset that runs on Samsung’s first model of the Galaxy Watch that ran the Tizen OS.

There were previous rumours that the smartwatch would be featuring a Samsung chipset. But it was also speculated that Google might add the Exynos W920 which runs on the Galaxy Watch 4.

It is speculated that the development team working on the smartwatch 4 years ago may have already decided to go with the Exynos 9110. By the time the new chipset from Samsung was announced, it could have been too late to incorporate the changes to the design of the components in the smartwatch.

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Had the team gone with the latest chip, we could have seen an even longer delayed launch. The Exynos 9110 is a 10nm chipset that has similar performance cores as the less-efficient 12nm Snapdragon 4100+ chipset. Samsung’s W920 chipset claims almost a 20% increased performance and better graphics performance than its predecessor. And the Galaxy Watch 4 has been the company’s highest-selling wearable this past year.

Google is wooing developers

Google Pixel watch and other devices at Google IO

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The whole point for Google to show off the Pixel Watch has been to woo developers and to confirm the past leaks. The more the excitement around the device, the better. Getting a glimpse at the device during the event in the flesh was the positive note that Google wanted to send out to the world. That the company made something worth waiting for a little bit longer.

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