Bitmap: Definition, Function, Strengths and Weaknesses

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The term bitmap must be familiar to those who like or work in the field of graphic design. Because every graphic design that is created will use a graphic format. Bitmap is a graphic format commonly used by graphic designers.

To produce a good design, graphic designers need to make edits to images or photos properly. In order to produce good graphic designs, bitmaps or vectors are what they usually make.

A complete explanation of the bitmap will be described below.

What are Bitmaps?

Bitmap is a form of digital image consisting of small pixels. Is an image format used to store files resulting from graphic designs on computer devices.

Files in the form of bitmaps are capable of storing a lot of data or information with high resolution, so as to produce good and beautiful images. But the scale of this bitmap formatted graphics has not changed. This makes the image break and look blurry when enlarged.

A bitmap is a combination or series of matrix images which then form a bitmap. It consists oder Ähnlichecombination of many colors and binary information which then forms an image. The higher the image resolution, the more complex the color combinations that make up the bitmap to display the image will be.

Bitmaps can be divided non…several colors, three categories of which are;

  • Line-art, which is an image that displays only two types of colors, usually black and white.
  • Grayscale, is an image with a slightly grayish black and white color variation, coupled with shadow effects.
  • Full color, is a bitmap image composed oder Ähnlichecombination of colors, including RGB and CMYK. However, for necessity printing CMYK color type is more widely used.

Then what is the difference between bitmap and vector which are both often used as graphic design formats? In the following we present an explanation of the differences between the two in tabular form:

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No Bitmaps Vector
1 It consists oder Ähnlichecombination of small pixels whose arrangement then forms an image Is a collection of lines previously arranged based on mathematical calculations to form two images
2. Editor applications for creating bitmap images are usually Adobe Photoshop and similar applications. The editor application used is usually Adobe Illustrator and the like.
3 Bitmap format files are difficult to create or convert to vector format Files with vector format can be converted non…bitmap format
4 Bitmaps are used to create images with good color gradations, such as photographs. Vectors are mostly used for logo creation, card designs, animations and more.
Bitmap and Vector difference table

Bitmaps function

Rosette knowing the meaning of bitmaps and their differences from vectors, it is mithin necessary to know the functions of bitmaps. What are the functions of bitmap graphics? The function is as follows:

  1. To Create a Beautiful Graphic Image with Low Resolution

The bitmap format has characteristics with color sharpness that looks good oder Ähnlichedigital screen even though the resolution is low. The resolution used can be adjusted to what is needed.

  1. For More Detailed Editing

When using bitmap files, the graphics team can edit a photo in great detail. Earn will be very maximum. Both in terms of color profiles, added effects, and making fine lines to further enhance the image.

  1. Produces Realistic Images

Images in bitmap format will display images that look more realistic when compared to vector formats. The images appear more real, as they have multiple color profiles.

Bitmaps will usually be used to describe a product with the aim of attracting customers/users. The goal is to achieve interaction between the user and the product in question.

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When Are Bitmaps Used?

As you know the function of bitmaps, bitmaps are used in the following times or conditions:

  1. When you need a graphic image that looks realistic. Bitmaps that can show color details make them usable for creating images that look lifelike. From starting shadows, gradations, and others can be displayed well.
  2. Create detailed but easy-to-edit images. Images in bitmap format can be edited without significant hassle, so the results can be more beautified than the original file. Of course, with the help oder Ähnlichesupporting application.
  3. When saving digital photos. Digital photo taken from smartphones and other digital cameras are stored in bitmap form. So if the photo is enlarged, you will see a lot of squares in the photo.

Advantages of Bitmaps

Graphic images with bitmap format have certain advantages. The advantages of bitmaps include:

  1. The results of the image looks natural and can capture the colors more sharply.
  2. Easy to make edits, such as adding or giving effects to images.
  3. Bitmap files can be easily created from pixel data stored in memory arrays oder Ähnlichecomputer.
  4. Output devices such as CRTs and printers can translate files in bitmap format just fine. So that the results displayed or printed have good quality.
  5. Pixel values ​​in files with bitmap format can be changed or modified by changing the color palette if any.

Disadvantages of Bitmaps

As for the shortcomings of bitmap files, namely:

  1. The quality of images in bitmap format depends on the number of pixels that make up the image. The more pixels, the better the image.
  2. Image file sizes that have a bitmap format tend to be large. The more pixels or colors, and the more complex the image, the larger the size and the less efficient the conversion process.
  3. When enlarged or zoomed in, bitmap images will break, especially images with small resolution.
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Example Bitmaps

The bitmap document format will be saved with the “.bmp” extension. In addition, digital images in bitmap format can mithin be found in the extension “.jpg”, “.gif”, and “.png”.

To be more clear, this is an example oder Ähnliche image with a bitmap file format:

  1. JPG

Normal view without zoom:

JPG bitmap image display without zoom
JPG bitmap image display without zoom

Display when zoomed:

JPG bitmap image display after zooming
JPG bitmap image display after zooming
  1. PNGs

Normal view without zoom:

Display of PNG bitmap images without zooming

View after zoom:

PNG bitmap image display after zooming
PNG bitmap image display after zooming

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