Dogs4Jobs charity helping to rehome working dogs from struggling farms and find them a job

Dogs4Jobs charity helping to rehome working dogs from struggling farms and find them a job

Working dogs are known for their love of the job, but sometimes circumstances mean they need a new purpose or a second chance.

This is where Dogs4Jobs comes in, a community service focused on rehoming working breed dogs with the tagline, “A dog for every job and a job for every dog”.

Charity founder Peri Chappell is from a farm at Deniliquin in New South Wales’ Riverina.

“The dogs come into our care and go into our wonderful volunteer foster carers’ homes until they’re ready for adoption,” she said. 

Dogs4Jobs now operates in nearly every state in Australia, with 116 volunteers across the country. 

Relief during natural disasters

Ms Chappell said they often worked with farmers who had experienced hardship, whether it be due to “drought, the fires or the floods”. 

To kelpie dogs in a cage with bright collars on
Two of the dogs surrendered by a farming couple who struggled during drought.(Supplied: Dogs4Jobs)

She said they recently had a case where a farming couple were at a loss about what to do with their working dogs. 

“They had been struggling since the drought,” she said.

“They had lost most of their cattle and most of their sheep.” 

While shearing the remainder of their sheep, the couple came across an old newspaper article on Dogs4Jobs and decided to get in touch. 

“They’d never left the farm — some had never been handled or caught before.”

A close up of a black and tan dog A close up of a black and tan dog
This six-year-old female, Tiny, is one of the dogs looking for a new home.(Supplied: Dogs4Jobs)

Now just a few months later some of the dogs are almost ready to be adopted into new homes.

Close to 50 per cent of their work involved dogs who had come from suburban areas, where owners struggled with housing, work, or they simply did not have the space or time for a working dog.

Dogs4Jobs also offered support, training and educational programs for dog owners and temporary care when needed. 

Farmers seeking dogs too

Ms Chappell said not all working dogs rehomed through the program ended up in town. 

“And [there’s] plenty that will also take on a pup and give it a go if it comes from working parents.”

Ms Chappell said they wanted to encourage more farmers to become part of the adoption process and give dogs a chance for a new gig, on top of a new home.

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