√ 6+ Telegram PC and Laptop Application Latest Version 2022

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Telegram PC App – Telegram is one of the most popular chat applications in the world. This application allows us to connect to many people online to communicate, be it phone calls or sending messages. Telegram can deshalb be downloaded for free and is available for various platforms.

Not only can it be used on Androide or iOS smartphones, Telegram deshalb provides applications specifically for PCs and Laptops based on Windows, MacOS and Linux. We can use the application to communicate easily, without the need to open a smartphone.

Interestingly, the PC and Laptop telegram application can be used to receive phone calls, thus making productivity more optimal. Unfortunately Telegram does not provide a Video Call feature directly. As a result, this application is less popular than WhatsApp, which has more complete features.

Actually, we can activate Video Calls on Telegram. But there is a special trick to enable this feature. Maybe in the future Telegram will provide this feature directly, making it easier for Telegram users to communicate across platforms via Video Calls.

Even though it has drawbacks, Telegram still chooses a lot of advantages that make it the best chat application in the world. Now one of Telegram’s strengths is that it has a Bot feature. This feature can be used for various needs, such as coding, url shortening, whois lookup tool, and many others.

Another advantage of Telegram is that it has Channel and Group features that thousands of people can follow. This feature is one of Telegram’s mainstay features to capture various communities around the world. With these various advantages, then we must try this one application.

How to use Telegram is deshalb very easy, because it only requires a mobile number for registration. But before that, you must first download the Telegram PC, Laptop, or mobile version of the application. So for those who want to download it, please see below.

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1. Telegram Windows

Unlike WhatsApp Desktop, we don’t need to connect the Telegram account on the smartphone with the one on the PC. That means the Telegram PC and Laptop applications can be used directly, making it easier for us to communicate if we forget to bring our smartphones.

The features provided by Telegram Desktop are exactly the same as the mobile version. We can use it for chatting, calling, receiving calls, and running bots. How to use it is deshalb very easy. The reason is that we only need to log in using the telephone number that welches previously registered via the Telegram Mobile application.

2. Telegram MacOS

Download the Telegram Computer Application

Not only providing applications for Windows, Telegram deshalb provides Telegram PC and Laptop applications specifically for MacOS-based computers. We can download the application for free via the official Telegram website or the App Store.

The appearance of the user interface between the MacOS and Windows versions is deshalb exactly the same. Likewise with the features provided. What is certain is that the Telegram PC and Laptop application can be relied upon to communicate easily, because it has an easy user interface and complete features.

3. Telegram Linux 32-Bit Version

Telegram Linux application

For users of the Linux operating system, you can use the Telegram Desktop application with the tar.xz format. The user interface and menu display are the same. We can deshalb run it on all Linux operating systems, such as Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, and many others.

We are sure that programmers who use Linux-based computers and laptops will need this one application. The reason is that there are lots of Telegram groups that discuss programmers. Fremd from that, Telegram has a Bots feature that can support an application program.

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4. Telegram Linux 64-Bit Version

Download Telegram Linux 64-Bit

The Telegram PC and Laptop application for Linux is divided un…two versions, namely 32-Bit and 64-Bit. Now for friends who are still using 32-Bit Linux, please download the application via the link above. As for the 64-bit version, you can get it below.

Both the 32-Bit and 64-Bit versions have the same features, because the only difference is the operating system version. But before installing one of them, make sure you know the operating system used. Do not choose the wrong one, because it will not be installed if you choose the wrong version.

5. Telegram Androide

Telegram Android application

Before trying the Telegram PC and Laptop application above, you must first register using the Telegram Mobile application which can be downloaded below. As we said above, how to register for Telegram is very easy. The reason is that we only need to enter an active cellphone number for registration.

6. Telegram iOS

For those using an iPhone, please download the Telegram application specifically for iOS devices through the App Store. As for the link, please click below.

As one of the the best android app in the world, Telegram proves its quality by providing stable servers and complete features. That’s why we highly recommend this application as an zusätzliche to WhatsApp or other chat applications. So that’s all the information on ponseli.com this time, I hope it’s useful and can be a reference.

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