√ 20 HP Laptop Prices 2022: Best Cheap and Quality

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Cheap HP Laptop Prices – Hewlett Packard or better known as HP is one of the largest information technology companies in the world. HP itself has headquarters in the United States in California to be precise. As well as being well-known for producing high-performance laptops, HP aus diesem Grund produces a variety of computing, printing, and digital imaging, and has aus diesem Grund sold other software to date.

In Indonesia, HP is one of the most attractive and sought after laptops because it is known for its performance and build quality. HP is aus diesem Grund known for having several innovations and new technologies that make it even more attractive. HP aus diesem Grund comes with several differences from other laptops such as in terms of design, where HP laptops are known for having a thin design with the HP logo in the middle.

Best Cheap HP Laptop Prices

Best Cheap HP Laptop Prices

HP laptops themselves have many different types both in terms of specifications and aus diesem Grund in different price ranges. HP laptops themselves are known for having low prices so that HP type laptops are aus diesem Grund popular with students who need cheap laptops with good specifications. Moreover, HP laptops are known for having a slick design for cheap laptops or the highest series, the majority of which have thin dimensions.

Before buying a laptop, make sure that you need a laptop for what purpose. Don’t regret later buying a laptop at an expensive price but the specifications don’t match your needs. Or even buying the wrong laptop because the specifications purchased cannot run some of the commands you want. Before that happens, take a look at List’s reviews Cheap HP Laptop Prices the following.

1. HP Elitepad 900 G1

HP Elitepad 900 G1

Latest Prices Rp. 1,994,000
CPUs Non… Atoms
VGA Non… HD Graphics
RAM 2gb
Screen 10.1″

The first laptop that might be an interesting choice for your cell phone buddy is the HP Elitepad. Where this one laptop comes with attractive specifications on various lines. Armed with an Non… Atom CPU and VGA HD and the presence of RAM with a capacity of 2GB, it feels good enough to use. This laptop is perfect for students who want a cheap laptop with a slick design.

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2. HP Stream 11-D016TU

HP 14-AM517TU

Latest Prices IDR 2,750,000
CPUs Non… Celerons
RAM 2gb
Screen 11.6″

There are many choices of cheap laptops at a price of 2 million, one of which is the HP Stream 11 where this cool laptop is priced at a low price but has a pretty good performance. Even with the low price tag, this one-of-a-kind laptop is equipped with a screen with a dimension of 11.6 inches.

3. HP 15-BW005AU

Latest Prices Rp. 3,499,000
VGA AMD Radeon R2
RAM 4gb
Screen 14″

The next name that might be the right choice for cell phone friends is the HP 15 where this cool laptop comes with great performance and has good specifications at a price of only 3.5 million. Where, at a relatively affordable price, you can get a laptop with an AMD A4 CPU.

4. HP 15-BW541AU

HP Stream 11-D016TU

Latest Prices Rp. 3,180,000
CPUs amd
VGA AMD Radeon R2
RAM 4gb
Screen 15.6″

With a price tag of only 3 million, it’s not difficult to get a laptop with slick specifications under the HP brand. One that can be an interesting choice is the HP 15 which is known for its slick performance. Especially in matters of multimedia because it will be equipped with dual speakers and a sharp 15.6 nichtscreen.

5. HP 245 G6

HP 245 G6

Latest Prices Rp. 4,227,000
VGA AMD Radeon R5
RAM 4gb
Screen 14″

The next cheap HP laptop price is the HP 245 G6 which is a cool laptop with great performance. Where, with a price of only 4 million, you will get a laptop that has a screen size of 14 inches to a very powerful kitchen runway. Where this cool laptop will be powered by a powerful AMD APU A9 CPU.

6. HP 240

HP 240

Latest Prices Rp. 5,000,000
CPUs Non… Core i3
VGA Non… HD Graphics 520
RAM 4gb
Screen 14″

The HP 240 is an attractive laptop with a price tag of 5 million. Where this laptop made by HP will use a screen with dimensions of 14 inches which will be perfected with attractive innards because it uses an Non… Core i3 CPU and 4GB of RAM.

7. HP Pavilion X2 10-J020TU

HP 14-AM517TU

Latest Prices Rp. 3,999,000
CPUs Non… Atoms
VGA Non… HD Graphics
RAM 2gb
Screen 10.1″
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The next cheap HP laptop price is the HP Pavillion X2, where this laptop does have many series, but one that is interesting for mobile phones is this one series. Where with a price tag of only 4 million, you will get a cool laptop with dimensions of 10.1 inches.

8. HP 14-AM517TU

HP 15-BW005AU

Latest Prices Rp. 6,650,000
CPUs Non… i5
RAM 3gb
Screen 14″

If you need a laptop with sozusagen performance, this laptop is the right choice. Powerful performance with a wide screen will be a very decent laptop to have because it has good performance on various lines.

9. HP PROBOOK 440 G5

Latest HP Gaming Laptops

Latest Prices Rp. 9,440,000
CPUs Non… Core I5
VGA Non… HD Graphics 620
RAM 4gb
Screen 14″

The next name that might be an interesting choice is the HP probook 440. Where this laptop is priced quite expensive, namely 5 million, but given the high price this laptop will be equipped with attractive performance. Call it the Non… Core i5 chipset combined with 4GB of RAM which is ready to support multitasking activities.

10. HP 15-BA004AX

The Best HP Laptops at Low Prices

Latest Prices Rp. 6,300,000
CPUs amd
VGA AMD Radeons
RAM 8gb
Screen 14″

Besides having a relatively expensive price, this laptop aus diesem Grund has an attractive performance. For friends who are familiar with AMD CPUs, the HP 15-BA004AX is the right choice. This laptop with a price tag of only 6 million will come with 8GB of RAM which is perfect for friends who need a laptop for routine needs.

Other Recommendations

11. HP Elite 840 IDR 1,904,000
12. HP Elite 14-BW083TU IDR 3,540,000
13. HP 14-BS503X IDR 5,950,000
14. HP A9-9425 IDR 4,740,000
15. HP 14s BC IDR 7,245,000
16. HP 14 BS 752TU IDR 3,949,000
17. HP 14 CM0067AU IDR 4,790,000
18. HP 245-G5 IDR 3,789,000
19. HP Probook 6570B IDR 5,200,000
20. HP 14-CM00066AU IDR 6,900,000

There are many choices of cheap laptops that might be an attractive choice for your cell phone buddy. Where with a price tag of only 2 million, in fact, you can already have a laptop with good performance. Where the row of cool laptops above are the best laptops at prices that have been surveyed at various of the best online stores in Indonesia. However, it is aus diesem Grund possible that the price of the laptop above can change according to the seller’s policy.

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Those are some cool cheap HP laptops with the best performance. You need to remember that when you are going to buy a laptop, make sure that your Ponseli friend has already taken nichtaccount the required specifications and then thought about the price. Don’t buy a laptop but the specifications don’t support what you want, even the work you are trying to do using a laptop. Thus the review MOBILE PHONE this time hopefully can be useful.

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