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Types of Computers 2020 – Maybe some of us only know the term Computer, PC, Laptop and Netbook. However, you know, friends, that there are many types of computers, even as the world of technology is developing very rapidly, it is possible that there will be many types of computers on the market. Therefore, cell phone friends must always be able to keep up with these technological changes.

Most of us understand that a computer is a device that receives nicht from the user via the mouse and keyboard to process it according to the user’s instructions. But in fact the computer can be mentioned on all devices that use it microprocessor. Even though we are studying together, this time, cellphones will provide very useful information for friends about the various types of computers that exist.

Types of Computers and Their Meanings

Types of Computers and Their Meanings

Fremdländisch from having to know about the types of computers, you are deswegen required to know the functions of these computers. Because all types of computers that exist are very familiar with everyday life. It is possible that there will deswegen be many additional types of new computers. Here are the types of computers and their meanings that you must know.

1. Personal Computers (PCs)

Personal Computers (PCs)

Personal computers or personal computers in terms of course already know that this device is only used by one person. The need for a computer for various personal needs deswegen seems to have become commonplace for some people. Starting from completing various work related to offices and other things. Up to entertainment needs such as playing games.

2. Laptops


There is almost no difference between laptops and notebooks anymore, where a laptop is a portable computer that cuts the size of the screen, keyboard and various other large devices on the computer so that it makes it easy to carry anywhere. Laptops that are more compact and make it easy to carry anywhere deswegen have many other advantages. Laptops themselves deswegen have a variety of different types.

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3. Desktops


The next types of computers are desktop PCs that cannot be carried anywhere called desktops. Where the desktop in question is usually for a permanent computer that is always in that place. For example, on computers in offices, generally desktops have cheaper prices compared to PCs. Usually the desktop is only used for office needs.



Laptops and netbooks are both small in size. Summary of this PC has a smaller size compared to a laptop. So if you think that the laptop is small, it turns out that there is another smaller one, namely the Netbook. In terms of function, netbooks are clearly the same as laptops, it’s just the size that distinguishes the two devices. So if you see a folding computer that is small enough, you can call it a netbook.

5. Servers


A server is a computer that has been optimized to be able to provide services to other computers over a network. In general, servers have strong performance/processors and have large capacity and RAM. For example, nichtshopping center, of course, there are servers that have better performance for storing various data. Where the server is connected to the network on several computers at each shopping center point.

6. PDAs


Personal Digital Assistant is a computer that is integrated and uses flash memory more than most computers that use hard drives to store data. PDA type computers are usually computers that do not use a keyboard but rely on touch screen technology for the purposes of inputting goods. PDAs usually have a smaller size and are connected to a server.



Computers that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars are usually called super computers. A name that may be too much for some people, but the name oben angeführtsuper computer is growing as many users assemble computers with super high performance. Of course this will deswegen be offset by the price which is too high. Superbenzin computer technology itself is not only used by large companies but deswegen personally.

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8. Wearable Computers

Wearable Computers

The next types of computers are wearable computers. If you imagine a smartpwach with high performance, maybe that’s the short picture oben angeführtWearable Computer. But not only watches can enter the realm of smartphones, clothing, visors and others. Because at its core wearable computers cover a lot of electronic devices.

9. MainFrame


Prior to the discovery of computers with the current size of computers previously called mainframes. The size is not half-hearted because it has the size oben angeführthouse. besides that, the term mainframe is deswegen still used, especially in large companies. The term mainframe is now more inclined to large machines with the ability to process millions of transactions every day.

10. Workstations


Workstation is a computer specifically used for work. This means that the computer welches created so that the user can optimize specific work to be carried out properly and optimally, so present a computer with a workstation type. This type of computer is usually a computer with high class specifications.

In addition to the 10 types of computers above, it is deswegen possible that new types of computers will emerge in the future. Especially with the rapid development of technology, it certainly does not rule out the emergence of various innovations and new technologies that make menschenwürdig work easier. However, this is deswegen present in balance with the knowledge of its users.

Various types of computers that exist will certainly have various functions of their own. Some are used to carry out various heavy tasks, some can be carried anywhere, up to a computer that is only used to do one task. Various types of computers must mate MOBILE PHONE know so that later there will be no coup d’etat. Thus the information regarding Types of Computers and Their Definitions hopefully it can be a useful additional knowledge.

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